Monday, October 14, 2013

Lizard men VS. High elves

This battle way fought by my friends thewarhost (my brother in law) and mike. thewarhost is playing the High elves and mike is playing his lizard men that he played me last week with. 

 Hay guess what I forgot to take a picture off the setup... yeah I will have to try to actually do that for one of these seeing as how the setup is so critical to the game the choices there will save you or damn you for the rest of the game.
 I have re uploaded this picture nine times... NINE times!!! and it will not flip correctly no matter how I save it is Also I think the order I took them in got messed up some how so I will just write out what happened as best as i can for the first bit of the game.

the whole games started with the high elves sending there 2 units of ellyrian reavers forward with there advance deployment. after that the roll for first turn went to the lizards allowing them to send the two blocks of saurus charging into the ellyrian reavers. This was an amazing pair of charge rolls and left the lizard men ahead of the game getting them across the field that much faster. In the upside down  picture you can see the small unit of archers that get charged next the Plus side of that combat for the high elves was that after the archers got wiped out they saurus walked off the board and where forced to come back in the next turn in front of the other saurus block and tripped them all up allowing the high elves more shooting and a bit more time to deal with the other units. 
 all right right hear we have the one saurus block that ran off the board with the one warrior acting as a marker for where they would come back from. The skinks on the left charged the side of the sword masters. OH I all most forgot that the skink priest miscast his spell and lost both his caster levels making him self useless for the rest of the game.
The sword masters turned around after the combat from this turn and finally got to line up properly after having failed the moral check needed to change facing last turn also the bolt thrower seaguard(yes I know they look like spearmen but that is what they are being played as to make up the points and to hold the place of the seaguard that are getting painted) took some nice shots and wore down the lizard men a bit more.
 On this turn the saurus unit come back on the board finally the unit that was all ready there failed to make the charge distance and the sword masters finished off the skinks all thow there are only three of them left after getting ground up mostly by the kroxigor  
 more elf shooting and the sword masters moving to get around the house at the priest that has hidden there for some time due to being useless as a level 0 caster. I had to go home at this point but I was sent pictures of the rest of the battle.
 The saurus seem to have failed to make there charge again but are set up to do some real damage next turn 
 elf shooting/casting takes a serous toll on the remaining lizard men
 elves prepare to take the final charge
 more elf shooting and the sword masters getting closer
 the last few saurus make they charge finally and manage to still win combat with  the full unit of seaguard the elf BSB and the mage and run them off the board
 In the final half of the final turn the sword masters charge the last saurus warrior and destroy him wile the bolt thrower shoots the saurus cav apart.

So this was another really close game but the high elves edged out a win with very little left just as the lizzard men did the week before. I am loving these close games they have gone back and forth and you can't call them till the end its just more fun that way. 


  1. This was a good game that really indicates to me a few things:
    1) Magic is crushingly powerful when you're lucky, and I was EXTREMELY lucky this game, throwing many dice at the boosted Soul Quench every turn, only getting one IF cast and causing MOST of the casualties to the saurus over the course of the game.
    2) Vanguard is nice, but extremely dangerous when it's a touch tight to start and you don't want the saurus to close with your vastly outclassed infantry...
    3) High Elves really need their special choices (sword masters, white lions, or phoenix guard) used appropriately, or are in for a tough time.
    4) We need to figure out how to video the games, so we can more accurately recall what went on after the fact.

    1. Also, awesome that the comment verification was suspended. Thanks!

    2. 1)magic is amazing when it goes off no question about that. a dispel scroll for clinch moments seems like a really good idea at some point.
      2)A proper board is in progress now so they should work better for you next game with more room to play with
      3)yeah we both suffer from the need for our rares/specials to perform at the top of there game. I suppose that is the fun of the army's tho. I can't wate to see my terrorghist screech at some elves to see how that works out.
      4)yeah i would love to just video record the whole game. we will have to look into that.

  2. 1) I've got one on my BSB, actually. I would've used it if the skink hadn't "blown" himself.
    2) I actually don't blame it on the board so much as myself for not realizing how far I had gone forward. Plus, against lizardmen, where my swordmasters aren't optimally deployed, it's not going to get me a good charge with anything that can take down a block of saurus anyway.
    3) I really love the idea of highly specialized troops being used well in order to control the flow of the battle; I simply didn't do it here.
    4) I may be able to get my hands on a decent camera here shortly.

    All in all, I feel bad for Mike here. He should have had this game in the bag, but due an unlucky pursuit combined with an iffy deployment of the cold ones (admittedly his fault), and an absolutely phenomenally lucky magic sequence all game (all 4d6 Soul Quenches, save 1 time), he was pounded into fragments of his army's glory before he closed for the fight, and has to feel a little slighted, since I don't think I moved any units beside the sword masters (which I blundered) and the reavers (which I blundered... See a trend?); it was like running into a gun line army, but where the shooting didn't do shit and only the single mage was able to do anything worthwhile. Next game will involve some actual movement, I promise!