Monday, October 7, 2013

Fantasy ahoy! Vampires VS. Lizard men

Ok due to recent interest among my circle of friends it's off to fantasy land we all go. The plan is to start playing Warhammer fantasy and we are starting at 1000 points. Witch is a nice step up from the 500 - 750 or so we used to play. The above twelve models are what I need to paint to get my self to a fully painted army at the 1000 point level. 

I must warn you we have not played for a LONG time so you will spot A TON of rules we messed up. For this first game you will see below my buddy mike and I messed up  more rules then we got right but it was still a blast!   

 I forgot to take a picture of the set up so in stead I got the end of the first half  the only thing you miss seeing is a 5 man unit of saurus cav it was right in fount of my terrorgheist but they got wiped out from the death screech attack from the terrorgheist. my vampire also managed to blow him self and some skeletons he still has one wound but damn magic can really mess over even your own army.   
 the second half of the turn had one of the large saurus blocks charge the terrorgheist they then lost combat and where driven off the board. I also lost a few zombies  from some shooting and I believe some skink priest magic. 
 Ok I admit my recall of some of this is fuzzy I should have written it closer to when we played.... Oh well I believe I charged the skinks on the right flank I then challenged his skink chieftain with my vampire. I thought this was going to be a smack down I mean hell I have the vampire power dread knight so my weapon skill was eight so how could I loose.... needless to say I lost so I spent the rest of the game crumbling my army at the start of every turn.  I think the terrorgheist screeched at the other block of saurus and I don't think it did much this time. 
 This turn the lizard men turned it around quite a bit the saurus charged my zombies and the skinks on the left flank charged my corpse cart. I lost both of those combats but I did win the ongoing combat with the skinks on the right flank and almost had them run off the table.
 Crumbling is starting to really damage my army now on top of that zombies suck and are only good for holding up a flank for a few turns. This is the turn I learned that lesson by charging my hex wraiths into the rear of the saurus block and still loosing the fight because killing 10+ zombies a turn and wining combat that way is rather easy 
 This half the lizard men wiped the zombies out and causing the hex-wraiths to die to loss of combat 
 I charged my skeletons into the back of the saurus and won the combat and run them down also the terrorgheist finished off the skinks that rallied right at the board edge.   
the last unit of skinks got my flank seance I over ran the saurus 
 I moved my terrorgheist up to ready for the flank charge on the next turn
ongoing combat....
 and the terrorgheist crumbles due to the general being dead  and so died my hopes..
the last half of the last turn saw me finished off and the lizards standing victorious with there kroxigor and three skinks. It was a great game that came down to the wire at the end and we had a blast working our way threw the rules for the first time.     


  1. It was a great game. Can't wait for the next.

  2. This is the BEST line of any battle report EVER: "my vampire also managed to blow him self and some skeletons"

    1. yeah.... missed that one. but now I am leaving it ;-)

  3. A skink knocked off your Vampire? That's horrific luck, what kind of items did the vamp had? It's hard to imagine a tooled up skink knocking off a naked vampire, let alone a tooled up vamp going down.

  4. they were both striped down mostly I believe. my vamp had heavy armor and a 2x hand weapons also the vamp power dread knight. I think his skink leader was the BSB and had maby a shield and armor. The vampire did only have one wound left after miscasting earlier but it was still a sad day.

  5. Robert's question does prompt me to think about maybe spending some more points on my heroes. There's some really good stuff in the basic rulebook, and some amazing stuff in the army specific books that really are probably worth having.

    1. That is where a lot of my points will go when we step up to 1500 points I think. that and a few more skeletons for that unit it needs padding. Right now it is tight with the 25% cap on points and getting in a BSB