Monday, October 28, 2013

Lizard men VS. Vampire counts game three

Deployment: You will see that my Hex wraiths and corps cart are in reserve because we were playing Battle #5 meeting engagement his saurus cav were also forced into reserve due to the game type

Turn one first half: I tweeked my battle line a bit and brought in my reserves. Also the terrorgheist did his thing and screamed quite a few of the skinks to death. They then panicked and went running.

Turn one second half: The painted saurus charged my zombies and started to chew them up. the unpainted ones failed there charge wile the skinks charged my hex wraiths witch was a rather gutsy move he locked them in place and had the opportunity to use his magic from the skink priest to blast the wraiths. luckily for me I dispelled his attack spell.

Turn two first half: The terrorgheist killed a few of the unpainted saurus but they passed there panic check. My hex wraiths managed to win combat and run down the skinks they then ran into the unpainted saurus but only clipped the edge of the unit so they would only have 2 out of there 5 members in the fight.

Turn two second half: The unpainted saurus handily won combat and due to the moral check killed the hex wraiths the other block slaughtered a ton of zombies

Turn three first half: I moved up to avoid getting charged by the saurus cav the only one left hanging out was my corpse cart but there was no way to get it out of the way. The terrorgheist got a really amazing roll on his screech and all most wiped out the unpainted saurus but they stood there ground and passed there moral check.

Turn three second half: The saurus cav destroyed the corpse cart but restrained them selves from making an over run move. The painted saurus finished off the zombies. The last three saurus all most made a rather tricky charge on my necromancer but failed to get the distance they needed.

Turn four first half: my skeletons charged the three unpainted saurus they won combat but failed to run down the last two. The terrorgheist saved me from the saurus cav by screeching them to death.

Turn four second half: the two saurus rallied and reformed in front of the skeletons. the painted saurus were out of place to attack anything so there were forced to use the turn to position them selves better for the next turn.

Turn five first half: the skeletons charged the two remaining saurus and killed them they then over ran them and went off the board. technically they are not on the board we just left them there because it was easier. The terrorgheist and necromancer moved up the board to avoid getting charged and death screeched the painted saurus they panicked and ran.

Turn five second half: The saurus rallied and spent the turn reforming
Turn six first half: Death screech killed three more

Turn six second half: the saurus charged the terrorgheist he only won the combat and destroyed them due to having vanhel's danse macabre cast on him and even then he needed a really good set of thunder stomp rolls to seal the deal.

This was a good day for the vampires. This may even have been there first win ever a lot went right for me. I thought it might have gone down hill after the hex wraiths died to combat. But due to working the terrorgheist carefully and the lizard men missing a few charges it all came together.


  1. Dude, what happened to the formatting?

    1. humm not sure what all went wonky. I will have it fixed shortly.