Monday, October 21, 2013

Lizard men VS. Vampire counts

Ooo look I actually got a shot  of the set up
 Lizards move foward
 the hex wraiths move up and block the skinks sence they would have fallen short on the charge most likely also the terrorgheist moved up and death shreaked the skink priest who was trying to avoid the corpse cart and its -1 to spell casting balefire. but was left out in the open and thus an easy target tho honestly there was only one shooting attack in my army so it might have been a reasonable gamble  
 skink skirmishers move to my flank and do some shooting
 hexwraiths charged the skinks on the left flank and win combat due to the fact that they cant be hit with out magicial weapons they then got run down and destroyed
 lots of charging by the lizard men and destruction ensues
 zombies continue to die but the skeletons are saved by the terrorgheist sadly the fail to catch the saurus 
 zombies die in droves and the saurus that lost combat recover them selves and take the chance to turn around
 the terrorgheist moved up and screached the saurus cav to death and the skeletons charged the saurus in front of them and... died.  
 The painted saurus warriors charged the terrorgheist flank  and the other unit did not have room to get in from the front so they hit the corpse cart and destroyed it consolidating into the terrorgheist
 in the last half of the last turn the hex wraiths charged the saurus from behind to attempt to save the terrorgheist they managed to win the fight but the terrorgheist died to the saurus and both of the units passed there moral checks
thus the game ends to determine who won we added up the points value of the remaining units turned out the lizards had 225 points left and the vampires had 270. That puts us with in the 100 point margin for an official draw.

Another great game and I am looking forward to playing again I am currently trying to set up a game VS. the high elves of thewarhost if that does not happen perhaps we will step up points wise with the lizards and the vampires. who knows!    


  1. that i look at this again. if i didn't take your bsb in the end you would have won.

  2. Nice game. The next battle report should be on the bigger table, so that should be pretty cool. We will have to get the HE vs. VC matchup in soon!

  3. actually i think there is one more battle on the small table.