Monday, July 29, 2013

Wight king BSB finished

So now I have finally finished up my wight king I think he will really be something for who ever I am playing too enjoy looking at the banner is my take on one I found in an Google image search

witch by the way is an excellent way to find  all sorts of inspiration for little details like this. 

after that banner was done it was a matter of quickly finishing the tiny amount of the base that actuality shows so I gave it the normal brown dirt gray rock treatment. Consisting of laying down a base of each color then highlighting the rocks a bit and washing both in sepia then black washes.

The only thing that really comes up lacking too me in the model is the back of the banner but seeing how it is just about never seen I can be ok with that for now but at some point may have to come back and add something to give it some flavor 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wight king bsb

   So I am back at painting, I know it does not look like there was much of a break, but there is a key difference in this post that makes it different then almost all of the rest I have put up and that is that this one is live. I normally run one too two months of posts ahead on this blog but a lot of thing have combined so slow almost to a stop my hobby work the end result being that I am out of my back log of posts with little to nothing to replace it right now. 
  So for a wile I would like to ask any one who reads this blog to stick with me there will be a lack of content for a wile. My normal Monday Wednesday Friday I cant currently fill so I am going to make sure I at least post one time a week and I will be doing my best to make that one post better then my old mass posts. So please subscribe to the blog there are buttons off to the right side of this post.

 Any way as you can see my first painting I came back to was my Wight king. The idea was to give he an ethereal look. Something less worn and more ghostly so I decided to wash this armor in green and blues like I had done with the coven throne. After that I decided to do something that I all wise wanted to do but never had the confidence to pull off. I went to try a ghostly blue OSL light from the eyes it came out ok at best but I after doing it I realized that with the way OSL works the eyes on this model where a bad place to start as they would not cast light on much of anything.
  Now I knew  I needed something else to try it on  and the small vial on his belt seemed ideal. maby it is a potion on strength perhaps it is a vial of blood from the vampire to help charm and control the Wight king. ether way it could be a magic item that could glow and that is what I wanted. Thus I started layering on reds as lightly as I could  where the light would be cast from the bottle and made them brighter and stronger the closer to the bottle I got. I think it turned out really well even tho If I had it to do again I would have gone brighter and stronger with the light source. It still looks dame good if I do say so my self. 

Now I just need a banner design to paint and also to paint up the base.....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Three Winter guard infantry Rocketeer's

I knocked out these 3 guys today to finish off my "winter guard death star".
The theme lists for Sorscha all call for winter guard so haveing a huge maxed out unit it not only good for in game but rather fluffy as well. At some point I will pick up a second unit so that i can build her higher tier lists but for now at the point levels I have played at this unit will take care of my needs.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Three necromancers and some Lizard man heroes

Today turned into a day of modeling after I opened my bits box. The lizard man skinks were from the Stegadon kit I never used ether the chieftain or the priest when building it so I set them up to play on there own.
 The chieftain was easy I just glued him to the base nothing exciting there but he still looks cool.
 The Priest I had to trim down the throne so that it would fit on the little base and reset his tail so that it would fit with the back of the chair so much closer to his body.
The two necromancers on the left are empire wizards I got back before the plastic necromancer kit came out for the vampire counts. I tried to pick bits that would fit the feel of necromancers but non of the heads were exactly what I wanted out of the box so the hats had to go and I tried my hand at adding hair more fitting.
 The necromancer in the center I did a wile ago and posted it on bell of lost souls but he was never posted on this blog and I was never 100% happy with the stones under him there texture and shape just was not sharp enough. There is only so much I think I can do to seance the green stuff is hardened but is did trim the front of the bottom stone as it was by far the most rounded then I cut a few large gashes into it to give it texture. I think I will need to try my best to paint some extra texture when I take on painting him. Oh just so it is clear when he is played he will be my master of the dead so I thought he should be suitably ornate.    

Friday, July 19, 2013

Khador Conquest part: VI

AH all finished, With this completed I have reached over my goal of 50 points of Khador for the year tho I do still have a few more pieces stashed away in case I get the urge to paint something for the army.

Any way I went light on the highlighting for the most part but tried to give it a little depth before  adding the weathering. For that I sponged on black and also boltgun metal. To top it off I used my stippeling brush to add some light brown weathering pigment made from some cheep artist's pastels. A lot of the brown was blown off when sealing the model but it was kinda heavy any way so it all worked out. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Khador Conquest part: V

This should be the last post before I finish this project up. It took a long time to get all the color on and paint all the rivets the only other model that is as bad or worse is the bainblade tank.  Still it is satisfying to get something so large painted. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Knight titan part: I

I Just finished building My knight titan. It took some time to find inspiration for the cockpit  but after some google image searches I found this...

on dakka dakka. I took some liberty on changing it up a bit due to style changes and bits on hand  but I think  I got the feel overall.

Onward to painting!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Saurus Warriors Part: III

As with most of the projects recently I have made some progress but I am not done yet the frount 5 are done short of there bases and shields but the other lines still need there armor painted and weapons plus the last layer on there scales.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Valkia the bloody Part: II

I am making some progress on valkia. The wings are quite a challenge I am not sure I can get them where I want them but we will see in a few more layers if it is working on not. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Imperial Fists Librarian

I think this is one of the last models I need to get cataloged into the blog so that I can find pictures of them later...

I just realized He lacks a bolt pistol to represent his gear correctly. I will have to go back and fix that at some point.