Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aduptus Custodies: land raider part one

I did a bit of shopping with http://www.chapterhousestudios.com/ about a week ago. I got my self 10 jump packs and this land raider upgrade kit. I have wanted a forge world MkIIb-LAND-RAIDER for my Aduptus Custodies for quite some time but at over 100$ for the kit I just could not bring my self to order it. But I did have a land raider siting around all ready.......

As far as the quality of the kit goes it's good not great but good. There were a few odd thin spots and some bubbles. But nothing that cant be fixed. Oh also some warping but a warm bath fixed that easily and that only happened with the thinnest spots. 
over all the kit gave me the look I was going for and was at the right price point to get me to order it so I am happy with it. just be ready to fix some small problems if you decide to order one as well.

The jump packs I have not played with much so far but I am less thrilled with them so far. But I wont make judgments until I build the unit with them and clean them up quite a bit.      

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