Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Imperial Fists

These are my bikers this squad normal gets loaded out with 2 plasma guns, a power weapon on the Sargent and gets an attack bike with a Multimelta. i like to use them as a pair with a landraider redeemer that is loaded up with sternguard and lysander. the idea is that the bikes can hide behind or next to the landraider to get them close to what needs to be killed then if all goes as planed a predator or something else with long range like deavastators or the lascannons from my tactual squads should dismount a squad near them so that all the combined firepower of the landraider the bike squad and the sternguard can wipe out there target before moving on to the next and doing the same but at worse thanks to being on bikes they can charge what little will be left after all the firepower gets dumped on there target.

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