Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Warhound Titan stage:One

This story would be better started several years ago. Alas that can't happen as I don't have an photographic history of most of it. But I can show you how I finish this project as I get close to the end.  today I took my first step past the plans that "lack of better name" put out some time ago.

The leg that is in the back ground is stock so far and the leg in the foreground has its first layer of detail added lots of 1/8" strips to give depth.

Then the joints got caped and I added slices of tubes to look some what like bolts. I also filled allot of gaps with green stuff that stemmed from my lack of skill with plastic card.

It has not dried yet so it still needs to be cut down and filed properly.
There was an ugly flexing problem with my main body so i added some thick strips to the bottom to stiffen it up a bit. That was a huge success and the body is nice and solid now.

This felt like a good stopping point work wise for the day so I have some time to decide weather I want to add strips to the leg sections or how I want to decorate them. 

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