Friday, May 18, 2012

Imperial Fists:Dreadnought

This Dreadnought is a test for some of the new paints and I have found that i love the new "shade" Reikeland Fleshshade. It does not seem to pool the way the old washes did. Don't get me wrong they washes where great they certainly made my projects look nice what with the depth that they add. Also the new yellows averland sunset covers even better then Ilanden Darksun. But it is also a bit more orange looking then it's predecessor. Yriel Yellow is the replacement for Golden yellow and I don't believe that there was much if any change with this one. It might be just a shade brighter but it certainly is close.
The Dreadnought  it's self is repaired from some silly things I have done to it over the years. The multimelta was a twin linked lascannon at one point because the original was hacked up to make a right hand close combat weapon for a custom ironclad dreadnought that I have still not completed but will be working on again soon. It's storm bolter was drilled at one point but the holes were horribly out of alignment so I filled them back in with green stuff and painted on black spots for barrels. The shield was not to cover over a blemish but to make it stand out from the other dread from the assault on black reach box I have painted up totally stock. I don't know who first did this little conversion but I saw it first on one of the pictures of the days on Bell of lost souls.
There are still allot of things that could be improved with this guy but I think I got want I wanted as far as a second multimelta dreadnought with a bit of a different look to him.           


  1. It's funny the terrible things we do to our dreads.

    Mine are so chopped up that I may have to give them to my orks....

  2. haha yeah I mostly don't regret the things I chop to bits but this had to get rebuilt when I realized that the multimelta was as use full as it is. This poor fella got chopped up shortly after the release of 5th edition and back then at least where I am there were alot fewer tanks running around.