Monday, May 7, 2012

Venerable Brother Lacedaemon

Venerable Brother Lacedaemon is in the process of interment in one of the most holy of dreadnought shells that the chapter still maintains.
The story of his fall will be told at the completion of the process. For now we can only tell you that the omnissiah has accepted the first stage willingly and we pray that he allows this to be success.

I  managed to get to GW yesterday and decided that wile getting some of the new paints I would get my self a little treat for completing my imperial fist army. I have wanted to get one of these venerable dreadnoughts seance they came out. But never had a real reason to get one with so much else on my painting plate so I held off. Now seems as good as time as any what with the new paints to try out. I might as well have something I really want to paint up.So far i have fount Khorn red to be a good replacement for the old foundation red. Also the new foundation yellow covers about the same as the old one. I have  test pots of the texture, dry ,Glaze and shade that I want to try out but have not had the chance yet. But soon I will I am sure.   

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