Friday, May 11, 2012

Vampire counts: Skeletons

I finished base coating a unit of skeletons they need a wash over the cloth and metal and there is a lot of highlighting and detailing to go but i think they are off to a nice start.
oh and of course the bases  need to be painted.

There is no "vision"  for this army quite like I had from the start with my imperial fists. I wanted to play a huge Zombie horde with a coven of necromancers pushing the army ahead of them but I could just not find a way to make that work on the table top at all. Mind you that was with the old book but I still don't see that working even with the changes in the new book.
On the bright side I have fallen in love with the zombie dragon and coven throne so it is a matter of time until a new idea of how I want the army to work gels.    

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