Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Terrain refurbishment part Two

As you can see this is far from done but it does have a lot more of a ruined feeling in fact I am going to be going back and adding to some to the other ruins when I get a chance in the same way with pules of junk. Also I have re acquainted my self with the very nice .pdf that GW gave us all when they launched there fall of Medusa V campaign that contained a number of signs to add to your terrain. Plus I had  found some fan made ones a wile ago that were in my folder with the GW file. all of them do a nice job of spicing up your projects.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Imperial Fists

 This landraider has the honer of carrying Lysander and his sternguard into battle most of the time it is in redeemer form and it ether drops flame templates on the squad that was hopefully dismounted by the predator tank. Or may have to to the job it's self with its multi melta and assault cannon. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Venerable Brother Lacedaemon update part 2

Well the yellow is done and most of the details have sorted themselves out. as you can see there is at least one white plate that need some thing on it but I can't seem to decide on that that is yet and the eagle on his chest plate need some high lights. Plus I am not thrilled with the plasma coils.
Still i should have him finished soon

Friday, May 25, 2012

Imperial fists history part4:Culture


Company Standard of the Imperial Fists Chapter, 4th Company.
The culture of the Imperial Fists articulates their genetically predisposed obsession with will power and pain into a coherent set of practices concerned with achieving uncompromising self-discipline and maintaining complete order. 2 Additionally, the culture of the Chapter is substantially influenced by their Terran origins.

The Junker Model of Behaviour

The basic structure of Chapter culture is derived from the "Junker model of behaviour" belonging to the "ancient Prussic code" of Terra. The model demands dedication to meticulous detail in both military affairs and individual conduct. In military affairs, fastidious attention to detail is a hallmark of the Chapter's superlative planning and preparations. Similarly, every detail of an individual battle-brother's conduct is structured by the quest for flawless discipline and the obsession with punishment as penance for the smallest inadequacy, failure or infraction. 3b In each case, the Chapter's genetically programmed obsession with will power and order are the guiding principles.
Perhaps as a result of the Junker model, the Imperial Fists tend towards a stern disposition, even in comparison to other Space Marines. Upon first encountering the Imperial Fists, Captain Garro of the Death Guard remarked that "they seem a somber lot," to which Captain Iacton Qruze of the Luna Wolves responded in the affirmative, adding that he had served with a Veteran Imperial Fist for a year-long campaign who never once smiled. For these reasons, the Imperial Fists earned the nick name "the Stone Men" during the Great Crusade.7

Honour Duels

As part of their Junker tradition, the Imperial Fists practice Honour Duels, a ritual imparted to the Chapter by a handful of Terran battle-brothers.2 Honour Duels serve to settle disputes between members of the Chapter. The duel itself consists in two battle-brothers being stripped to the torso, dawning protective eye-wear and having their feet locked into blocks at a fixed range. A third battle brother acts as a judge, presiding over the duel wearing a black robe and helmet to conceal his identity. Salutes between the contestants and judge commence the duel and the two battle brothers engage each other with tungsten epees, ending at first blood drawn from the face. The ritual distributes honour to both battle brothers: the bested Marine accepts responsibility for the dispute and apologises, thereby honouring the victor, while the resulting scars of a loss are looked positively upon by other members of the Chapter, thereby conferring honour upon the loser. 3d 3g 6d


Main article: Scrimshaw
The Imperial Fists are known to practice Scrimshaw using bones from the hands of their dead. After battle, Space Marines who distinguished themselves in the recent combat are awarded the skeletal hands of fallen battle-brothers,3e the individual bones of which are adorned with carvings, designs, and otherwise ornamented. Scrimshaw is undertaken solemnly by Marines of the Chapter and seen as an opportunity to practice mental discipline, focus, and attention to detail. Finished scrimshaws are worn as jewelry and ornamentation, particularly by officers.3f

Pain and Punishment

The Imperial Fists have developed particular cultural practices which tend to their obsession with conquering pain and penance. Chief among them is punishment that makes use of a device called the pain glove, which is both imposed by superior officers and self-inflicted. The pain glove encases the whole body and stimulates pain neurons, causing excruciating pain without inflicting any physical damage. The function of the pain glove goes beyond simple punishment in the sense of negative-reinforcement and includes positive spiritual value. Marines endure the extreme pain of the device by disciplining themselves to meditate on the glory of Rogal Dorn, thereby perfecting their spiritual communion with their Primarch.6a
So central is pain to the culture of the Imperial Fists that the Chapter seems to have developed a philosophy on the subject. As recited by anonymous Chaplain, "Pain is...a lesson that the universe teaches us. Pain is the preserver from injury. Pain perpetuates our lives. It is the healing, purifying scalpel of our souls. Pain is the wine of communion with heroes. It is the quicksilver panacea for weakness - the quintessence of a dedicated existence. Pain is the philosophic vitriol which transmutes mere moral into immortal. It is the Sublime, the golden astral fire!"3c


The Imperial Fists take their potential recruits from many worlds, among which are Terra, Necromunda and Inwit. On each of these worlds they maintain a Chapter keep. However they have no special rights as to where they recruit their neophytes.
Once recruits are selected, their criminal record is examined, and they undergo a battery of tests: musculature, psychological profile ("Psychosis level"), psychic level, eye reflexes, intelligence, the ability to shoot, pain resistance, dexterity.
Recruits spend six months in the fortress-monastery where they learn proper Imperial Gothic through a hypnocasque before undergoing their initiation in the "tunnel of terror." In the latter, they face extreme heat, cold, empty space, etc. The severity increases along the way. If the initiate passes, he becomes a cadet and the symbol of the Imperial Fists is marked on his buttock. Then begins the indoctrination, training and the actual surgery that will make them Marines.
To celebrate the introduction of the Preomnor implant, cadets eat poisonous plants, venomous animals, etc. For the Omophagea, they consume meat (some of the meat they eat is human flesh) and must divine from the meat a few details about the actual animal.
After the initiation ceremony, the cadet's family is informed that their child has become a Space Marine.3

This is the last time I will be using an post from so please make the jump over there and read up on your faction or just one that is of interest to you.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Warhound Titan stage:One

This story would be better started several years ago. Alas that can't happen as I don't have an photographic history of most of it. But I can show you how I finish this project as I get close to the end.  today I took my first step past the plans that "lack of better name" put out some time ago.

The leg that is in the back ground is stock so far and the leg in the foreground has its first layer of detail added lots of 1/8" strips to give depth.

Then the joints got caped and I added slices of tubes to look some what like bolts. I also filled allot of gaps with green stuff that stemmed from my lack of skill with plastic card.

It has not dried yet so it still needs to be cut down and filed properly.
There was an ugly flexing problem with my main body so i added some thick strips to the bottom to stiffen it up a bit. That was a huge success and the body is nice and solid now.

This felt like a good stopping point work wise for the day so I have some time to decide weather I want to add strips to the leg sections or how I want to decorate them. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aduptus Custodies: land raider part one

I did a bit of shopping with about a week ago. I got my self 10 jump packs and this land raider upgrade kit. I have wanted a forge world MkIIb-LAND-RAIDER for my Aduptus Custodies for quite some time but at over 100$ for the kit I just could not bring my self to order it. But I did have a land raider siting around all ready.......

As far as the quality of the kit goes it's good not great but good. There were a few odd thin spots and some bubbles. But nothing that cant be fixed. Oh also some warping but a warm bath fixed that easily and that only happened with the thinnest spots. 
over all the kit gave me the look I was going for and was at the right price point to get me to order it so I am happy with it. just be ready to fix some small problems if you decide to order one as well.

The jump packs I have not played with much so far but I am less thrilled with them so far. But I wont make judgments until I build the unit with them and clean them up quite a bit.      

Monday, May 21, 2012

Imperial Fists History part3:Horus Heresy Aftermath

Horus Heresy Aftermath

Dorn's Vengeance

Rogal Dorn's grief was immense in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. Until that point, Dorn had been true, noble and enduring, but now he became an avenging son dressed in the black of mourning. Whereas other Legions, such as the Ultramarines, dedicated themselves to rebuilding the Imperium, the Imperial Fists launched a crusade against the Traitor Legions, hunting them down and levelling fortress after fortress. Yet the Legion was still cognisant of its broader role as it lent itself to direct calls for assistance by Imperial worlds and institutions more so than other Legions during this period. Nonetheless, Dorn was absent from the highest councils of the Imperium until he returned to Terra upon being summoned by Roboute Guilliman to be presented with the Codex Astartes.2c

Codex Astartes Crisis

Dorn initially rejected the Codex Astartes and enmity developed between him and Guilliman. Dorn called Guilliman a coward, citing his lack of participation in the defense of the Imperial Palace. Guilliman accused Dorn of being a traitor for refusing the Codex. This enmity quickly involved other Space Marine Legions and a rift developed, Leman Russ of the Space Wolves and Vulkan of the Salamanders stood by the Imperial Fists, while Jaghatai Khan of the White Scars and Corax of the Raven Guard supported the Ultramarines. A second civil war appeared likely when the Imperial Fists strike cruiser Terrible Angel was fired upon by the Imperial Navy in connection with Codex crisis.15a However, Dorn ultimately relented after spending seven days meditating in the pain glove. There, he concluded that the Legion could no longer serve the Emperor who had been and must serve the Emperor who was, which involved accepting the new order of which the Codex was a part.2c

The Iron Cage

Main article: The Iron Cage
It was Dorn's decision that the Legion would symbolically enter into the pain glove together and emerge according to the Codex Astartes. This opportunity presented itself in the battle that became known as The Iron Cage. The Imperial Fists had largely dismantled the Iron Warriors empire in their campaigns immediately after the Heresy. Upon discovering the Eternal Fortress, a twenty square mile fortress constructed by the Iron Warriors, Dorn, fuelled by his enmity towards Perturabo, committed the entire Legion to its assault.2c
Perturabo and his Legion were masters of defence and siege in their own rite and had designed the Eternal Fortress as a trap to ensnare the Imperial Fists. Ceding further advantage to the Iron Warriors, Dorn led the assault without his customary care in planning and preparation. What ensued was a near massacre. The Imperial Fists’ formations were broken, reduced to fighting with combat knives battle-brother by battle-brother in half flooded trenches with their ammunition expended.2c
Yet, the Imperial Fists endured and the Iron Warriors were unable to finish them, lacking the faith to make the ultimate sacrifice that victory demanded. The Ultramarines then intervened, driving off the traitors.2c


Cleansed by their sacrifice, the Imperial Fists immediately began their reorganisation2c with the fully hardened, veteran force that remained.2d For the next two decades, the newly formed Chapter went into retreat in order to master the tenets of the Codex Astartes. The Chapter has since assumed a place alongside the Ultramarines as exemplars of the Codex.2c Importantly, however, the Chapter retains its previous special ability in siege warfare, urban warfare and defense, although preference is given to aggressive rather than defensive options. 2d This is particularly the case with siege warfare, as "The Imperial Fists are renowned siege masters par-excellence." As siege masters, the Chapter is noted for both "grimly defending fortifications against innumerable foes, or storming valiantly against bastions," therefore specializing in both defensive and offensive sieges. 26 The Chapter also maintains its own martial tradition as codified in the Book of Five Spheres as an addendum to the Codex Astartes.
As part of their reorganisation, the Imperial Fists participated in the Second Founding, christening the Soul Drinkers, Black Templars, and Crimson Fists. The Legion’s most fanatical battle-brothers composed the Black Templars while the more level headed members founded the Crimson Fists.2d It is noted that the Imperial Fists successor Chapters form a particularly tightly knit brotherhood of Space Marines, three of which are known to participate in the Feast of Blades, including the Imperial Fists. 16
I simply must keep telling you to go and check out i have most of the books that are referenced in these posts but it is so nice to get all the relevant information so easily.   

Friday, May 18, 2012

Imperial Fists:Dreadnought

This Dreadnought is a test for some of the new paints and I have found that i love the new "shade" Reikeland Fleshshade. It does not seem to pool the way the old washes did. Don't get me wrong they washes where great they certainly made my projects look nice what with the depth that they add. Also the new yellows averland sunset covers even better then Ilanden Darksun. But it is also a bit more orange looking then it's predecessor. Yriel Yellow is the replacement for Golden yellow and I don't believe that there was much if any change with this one. It might be just a shade brighter but it certainly is close.
The Dreadnought  it's self is repaired from some silly things I have done to it over the years. The multimelta was a twin linked lascannon at one point because the original was hacked up to make a right hand close combat weapon for a custom ironclad dreadnought that I have still not completed but will be working on again soon. It's storm bolter was drilled at one point but the holes were horribly out of alignment so I filled them back in with green stuff and painted on black spots for barrels. The shield was not to cover over a blemish but to make it stand out from the other dread from the assault on black reach box I have painted up totally stock. I don't know who first did this little conversion but I saw it first on one of the pictures of the days on Bell of lost souls.
There are still allot of things that could be improved with this guy but I think I got want I wanted as far as a second multimelta dreadnought with a bit of a different look to him.           

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Imperial fists History part2: The Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy

The Imperial Fists suffered heavy losses during the Horus Heresy. Here, a Marine is slain by Warmaster Horus.

Dorn Responds

Not having yet reached Terra as ordered by the Emperor after Ullanor, the Legion responded to a distress call from the Eisenstein. Death Guard Captain Nathaniel Garro and remembrancer Mersadie Oliton were discovered on board, who carried news of the events which had transpired on Isstvan III. In response, Dorn ordered the bulk of the Imperial Fists to the Isstvaan system while he and the Legion’s veteran companies returned to Terra to inform the Emperor of Horus' treachery. Significantly, each deployment faced difficulties from the Warp Storms that had enveloped the galaxy, which made navigation nearly impossible. 7
On Terra, Dorn assumed command of the Imperium’s armed forces.12a, 14a There, the Imperial Fists oversaw the fortification of the Imperial Palace, as previously ordered before the Heresy, and other duties relating to its defense, such as counter-intelligence.13 Dorn immediately moved to organise the Imperium’s response to Isstvan III. After making contact as best as possible with the other Legions, which the Warp storms hampered, Dorn ordered that Horus be confronted on Isstvan V where his forces were entrenching themselves. Discussing the reasoning of this strategy with Malcador The Sigillite, he stated that “...kill the head and the body will die.” Notably, Dorn elected to keep his veteran companies on Terra while apparently assuming the bulk of the Legion which had been ordered to the Isstvan system would join the assault on their own initiative if they were able to navigate there successfully.14a


Main article: Schism of Mars
At the same time, Mars entered into open revolt, endangering the Imperium’s access to war material. In response, Dorn ordered First Captain Sigismund and Captain Camba-Diaz to command four veteran companies to secure the forges of Mondus Occulum and Mondus Gamma, which together produced the majority of Astartes weapons and armour.14a The Astartes force was accompanied by number of Imperial Army units, including thirteen companies of Saturnine Hoplites and four regiments of Jovian Grenadiers, also under the command of the Imperial Fists captains.14c The operation was met with overwhelming resistance by traitor forces belonging to the Adeptus Mechanicus. The two companies under the command of Comba-Diaz were outnumbered one hundred to one and Sigismund’s force of the same size was met by two full Titan Legions. Facing annihilation, the Imperial Fists withdrew from Mars, abandoning the forges but successfully evacuating at least 12,000 suits of MK4 Power Armour and twice as many weapons.14b The four veteran companies involved in the operation suffered heavy casualties and were reduced to half strength.12b

Phall System

Months later, the bulk of the Imperial Fists forces were continuing their attempt to overcome the warp storms and navigate to the Isstvan system as ordered. The force had been completely out of contact with the Imperium since their departure and was unaware of any further developments concerning Horus' treachery, including that the remaining loyalists on Isstvan III had been crushed uterly. The fleet regained communication with the Imperium when it received urgent orders to return to Terra while being engaged by a large Iron Warriors force during the Battle at the Phall system. Both sides suffered serious losses but in a testament to their discipline the Imperial Fists fleet successfully disengaged and set course for Terra as ordered.12c

Defence of Terra

Imperial Fists defend the Imperial Palace from the forces of Chaos.
The next seven years of the Heresy are shrouded in mystery, including the role of the Imperial Fists.11 In fact, their next major actions on record are at the Defence of Terra, during which the Legion made indispensable contributions to the defense of the Imperial Palace alongside the White Scars and the Blood Angels. 2b But even here details are scarce. What little is known includes that the Legion made a massive move to reinforce the Palace from the great Sky Fortress at a critical juncture of the battle. 12d It is also known that Dorn had the honour of accompanying the Emperor aboard Horus' Battle Barge and that he discovered the bodies of the Emperor, Horus and Sanguinius after the final drama had run its course. 2b
I really can't recommend enough it is full of information on all things 40K form every source there is and organized so it is easy to get anything you want/need. Please take some time to go read up on your faction it's worth it.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Imperial Fists

You just cant go wrong with the pie plates this thing can drop. Its only issue is it cant move if i want to shoot so it normally lives next to one of my tactical squads next to a nice ruin and pie plates any thing that gets in range. This has worked well because in two out of three games the tactical squads are holding an objective and people are desperate to kill them. So they have to face the vindicator as well.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vampire counts: Skeletons

Just finished up the Skeletons and I am rather happy with them. Normally I go very basic on Warhammer troops because there are So many in any given army I just find it hard to get done if I don't go for something really fast and to the point. Not that these will win any painting competitions but I like the few things I went with to make them a little nicer. The rust on the iron parts was really easy and added a lot but the copper verdigris really made them pop the way I was hopeing. Now I just need to paint a lot more to upgrade the look of my old skeletons to the new ones. Lets hope next book Zombies get a new box.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vampire counts: Skeletons

I finished base coating a unit of skeletons they need a wash over the cloth and metal and there is a lot of highlighting and detailing to go but i think they are off to a nice start.
oh and of course the bases  need to be painted.

There is no "vision"  for this army quite like I had from the start with my imperial fists. I wanted to play a huge Zombie horde with a coven of necromancers pushing the army ahead of them but I could just not find a way to make that work on the table top at all. Mind you that was with the old book but I still don't see that working even with the changes in the new book.
On the bright side I have fallen in love with the zombie dragon and coven throne so it is a matter of time until a new idea of how I want the army to work gels.    

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Terrain quicky

I have had this laying around primed for some time and in my effort to get some of the older stuff painted up this just happened to get finished today.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Venerable Brother Lacedaemon update

Sorry no fluff update for this one. But I thought it might be nice to see this guy broken down into all the pieces he is being painted in.
Right now I  am still working on the yellow it is simply the most time consuming part of painting Imperial fists. After the yellow is done the rest falls together very quickly. So only a few more sessions to go to complete him.   

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Imperial Fists

This landspeeder has magnets all over the place so that it can be reconfigured to any combination of weapons you could want. At the moment I don't tend to use landspeeders a lot so this guy was mostly done so I could play with flush mounting magnets into vehicles. To date I think this was also my biggest success.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Venerable Brother Lacedaemon

Venerable Brother Lacedaemon is in the process of interment in one of the most holy of dreadnought shells that the chapter still maintains.
The story of his fall will be told at the completion of the process. For now we can only tell you that the omnissiah has accepted the first stage willingly and we pray that he allows this to be success.

I  managed to get to GW yesterday and decided that wile getting some of the new paints I would get my self a little treat for completing my imperial fist army. I have wanted to get one of these venerable dreadnoughts seance they came out. But never had a real reason to get one with so much else on my painting plate so I held off. Now seems as good as time as any what with the new paints to try out. I might as well have something I really want to paint up.So far i have fount Khorn red to be a good replacement for the old foundation red. Also the new foundation yellow covers about the same as the old one. I have  test pots of the texture, dry ,Glaze and shade that I want to try out but have not had the chance yet. But soon I will I am sure.   

Friday, May 4, 2012

Terrain refurbishment

I have been working on getting together a nice set of fully finished terrain for my table and after finishing several new pieces over the last few months I decided to take a look back at some of my early work and see if it could be brought up to snuff with the rest of the table.

As you can see they are still a little rough but I cleaned up the plaster I had put on the out side back when I thought it was needed to give it a stone/concrete look. Now I would just use paint to take it in that direction but these were built before City's of death had come out so it has been a wile and I have learned a few things over the years. Speaking of City's of death by adding a few pieces from the building sets that came out with that book you can add allot to your own terrain. On the bottom piece you can see i added lamps and the eagle buttresses to it. over the next week i will be adding some details made of card most certainly borrowing from Dewz templates. so come back next Friday and see stage two of the refurbishment.     

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

lothern sea guard

I am rather excited to try out painting this unit. I have not painted from white primer much before. In fact the only unit I have finished from white prime is my dreadnought and I don't feel like I took advantage of it as much as i could have. 
I plan on painting them the normal scheme for sea guard. Silver armor with red dragons in blue seas. 
Something like this but i am sure i will change it up a bit to make it my own.    

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Imperial Fists

These are my bikers this squad normal gets loaded out with 2 plasma guns, a power weapon on the Sargent and gets an attack bike with a Multimelta. i like to use them as a pair with a landraider redeemer that is loaded up with sternguard and lysander. the idea is that the bikes can hide behind or next to the landraider to get them close to what needs to be killed then if all goes as planed a predator or something else with long range like deavastators or the lascannons from my tactual squads should dismount a squad near them so that all the combined firepower of the landraider the bike squad and the sternguard can wipe out there target before moving on to the next and doing the same but at worse thanks to being on bikes they can charge what little will be left after all the firepower gets dumped on there target.