Friday, August 10, 2012

Free bases (template)

Well I would venture a guess and say that this is how most people start on this kind of thing.
Out of need I have knocked together a nice  picture that as long as you make sure you print it to scale will give you a set of templates for any base size you might need for playing 40K or Warmachine or any other of the games that use round bases.
 I personally needed the 95x120 mm oval to base my dakkajet and I frequently seem short on 40mm bases for terminators some how and older bikes never came with bases so I have seen people looking for them in the past.

well now you can just cut them out as needed!
(Note to users:blogger shrinks all the pictures on the posts down to make them neat and uniform make sure you click to expand the picture to full size then right click and save picture)
(Note to users two:When printing make sure you go to print options and set it to print to scale before printing or most printers will shrink or stretch the picture a bit)

I used the template to build the base for my Dakkajet. Its nice and sturdy. The wood dowel is sunk into a mound of sculpty III clay that I shaped then stuck it on the oven for 15 min to harden it properly. after super gluing that to the base I added some cork rocks and sprue pieces to make it interesting . I found this dakkajet to be a blast from start to finish. Now i just need to paint it!

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