Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unleashing the Beast - 09...

Well I was excited to start this project the Beast-09 has a rule affinity Sorscha and seance I also have an affinity for her I just had to get him into my army. So as I was at stomping grounds last night to play a few games with my brother in law  I picked one up and added him to my collection.
After I got home I cracked open the box he came in and started sorting parts he is a large hunk of older metal model. As I was going over the pieces it hit me that I could not find the head. Then I could not find the right shoulder. Then I could not find his smoke stacks. At this point I was getting pissed missing something I can see occasionally we are all human but four parts in a box that only contains fifteen or so is not right. There was also a slight miscast on the hull that normally I would give a pass and just re sculpt or paint as damage but i was not happy with the quality over all.

So I went to and quickly enough found  It was easy enough to use so that helped me calm down a bit but we will see how they react to my complaint and i will keep the internet updated on how it goes as things happen. Right now I have high hopes they will fix this quickly. 

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  1. When that part problem does get resolved (try calling!), I strongly advocate for that bone/khaki look; it is awesome!