Friday, August 24, 2012

Khador Widow makers part: II

I just finished up my Khador Widow makers. I am happy with the way they turned out the different browns work well on them I think. This unit does start to show the worst thing with Warmachine there are only 4 people in the unit and 2 of them are exactly the same. I know that they are supposed to be all about the game and the models come in second but the repeats bother me and it only gets worse with larger units like winterguard. I will need to get in playing some games so I can decide if the lazy model repeats are worth it to play the game.
so lets hope i can get some time secluded with to learn and play the game. For now its Back to my first love 40K and my mistress Warhammer Fantasy.


  1. It's not just Warmachine though, there's only three sculpts for Dark Eldar Mandrakes. Such is life.

  2. very true very true. But with my orks and imperial fists i rarely suffer with the repeated models my self. plastic models kits are just so hard to give up after all these years of building them.

    on the up side i have played three games of warmachine seance writing this post and i have to say the game does play well the way wounds are handled is very nice it takes out some of the lucky dice blowing up your key unit that happens to say my land raider some times. Don't get me wrong it can still happen but there are ways you can protect you're self with skill full play. It is much more like chess then 40K but it also seems to lack the grandness that i get the seance of when my 40K army's clash. That could be because it is such a small skirmish game and 40K and fantasy are more about slightly larger engagements tho. When the opportunity comes up i suppose i will have to sample a few more systems and see what other gems are out there.

  3. It's definitely a function of scale, but I also think that HELPS to prevent the feeling that you've got 100 models that all look the same. The chess analogy also plays to this as well; they're more like game pieces than works of art or imagery.

    You happen to play a 40k army that gets model love non-stop, and your fantasy army has also been reworked over the last few years, but that's not the norm across the spectrum, and I should know... I challenge you to pose high elf spearmen (even the new Lothern sea guard) into a reasonably sized block and make it feel organic. Tomb Kings core are bad as well. Saurus warriors are pretty darn static. How many TOTAL different necron models were there before they got re-worked? Anyway, you get the point.

    I'm starting to take gearing up a 40k army semi-seriously again, so you'll get a chance to field your marines or whatever sometime not too long from now.