Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tau army Lone fire warrior

Well  I sold off my Tau army a bit ago but there is no reason I cant post them up on my blog bit by bit and give you some insight into my early war gaming days.

This fellow is Shas'ui Mont'ka which means he is a fire warrior Sargent and is honored with the name mont'ka for getting a decisive killing blow. If you had the original tau codex there was a nice language section they cut out of the 5th edition one. The reason he earned the name mont'ka was in a game with a few friends years ago he was the lone survivor of his squad and passed 2 last man standing checks to take a pot shot at wolf lord in terminator and finished him off it was the most lucky set of rolls I have ever seen  the next day I added the half of a shoulder pad to his base and painted it up space wolf style to forever show his greatest dead. 

He was the only one in his squad to ever get finished painting wise by the time I had got around to painting this squad I had all ready painted three other squads of twelve so I was burned out on them.

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