Monday, August 6, 2012

Starting warmachine!

Well to tide me over until the starter box is out for 6th edition my brother in law convinced me to start Warmachine witch is an idea that has been tossed about for some time and now seemed as good as ever to get going. it was also my birthday so he got me started with a box

and I supplemented it with a unit seance I am never able to leave well enough alone

So I will have them all built up shortly and then it is on to painting the whole 7 models that go into this army at 15 points.

     It is really kinda nice to only have to paint so few guys to have a whole nice starter army after playing 40K and fantasy for so long heck maby this will start me on other small skirmish games.....


  1. Game time soon! Looking to finish Asphyxious in the next few days and the skarlock will be a day or so after that. The helljack will be done in between those two things, so we're getting close!

  2. very cool did you ever finish the little chicken jacks?