Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Slaves from clan rats finished

 I posted about the first 10 of these guys as one of the earliest posts on this blog today my brother in law was finally ready to start painting skaven again so i went at choping the last 30 of these guys down and green stuffing them  
 This is the full unit of 40 finished they are all the rats from the fantasy starter box


  1. Snazz. Who's the lucky recipient of those fine lookin' slaves?! ;-) After I get done with this Warmachine battlegroup, I'm getting back on the rats.

  2. they are all packed up in a box. they WERE going to come with me to the store so I could finally get around to giving them to you when we were going to play our first warmachine game. But no some one has to get there kids sick and get no sleep for days wile working 80 hours a week.... any way you will get them long before you finish painting your cryx I am sure of that.