Friday, August 31, 2012

Starting a store on etsy please take a look

 Recently I started to look for things I could build in the hobby to help it pay for its self and these are what I have so far. This light kit fits into a rino rather well if I do say so my self and adds something that paints mimic but is just not the same as the real thing the headlights are nice and bright. The turn signals are just icing on the cake they are not as bright but blink and also look nice when installed.   

I also have these resin bases I originally made for my sternguard veterans they come unpainted but you all have seen my painting skills on this blog so you know I am not the best and I still got them to look like the do in the pictures and I am kinda proud of them.

I hope some of the people that read this blog find some of these worth the price. The wife is cutting me off from my hobby budget. For good reason we need to save to buy a house and this hobby can be a bit of a drain on the old wallet.

hear are the bases with the sternguard finalized if you are wondering what they will look like with models on them


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