Friday, August 10, 2012


well it saddens me to do this but i am selling off alot of my warhammer 40K collection.
I would like to take a trip with my wife and this seems like the only way to fund it right now.
so hear we go

first up is a large lot of  my  space marines (not the imperial fists)
Space marines   there is alot of OOP mettle in there includeing gray knight terminators (deamon hunters back when i played them) a rune priest
there are also 3 all most full sprues of raven guard upgrade stuff 
and other goodies take a look

there is also a metal deamon prince
Deamon prince

and my whole tau army with all the bits included nothing in there is fine cast its all plastic and mettal

Tau army

this was my original army and it served me well over the years

I am hoping they all  go to good homes and good luck to the bidders

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